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Anne Carton’s Sligo Central Pre-school and Crèche was established in 1985. Over the years, we at Anne Carton’s Pre-school and Crèche have embraced and adapted to the continuous developments and changes which occur in the dynamic childcare environment. This positive attitude has ensured our service remains current at all times and offers the best possible service to you and your child.

In the past, Anne Carton’s dedicated team of staff and management have always operated a service that we are proud of and this tradition continues to live on. We understand that a child’s time in childcare may often be their first time away from home and so we endeavour to meet the needs of each individual to make our service a wonderful, safe and fun introduction to the outside world.

Anne Carton’s has always valued the importance of early childhood education and its necessity in establishing the foundations for lifelong development and learning. I take great pride in watching the many children I have educated over the years progress towards independence in adulthood. I look forward to facilitating this development in the many more children who I hope will pass through the doors of Anne Carton’s pre-school and crèche.